Monday, March 14, 2011

Book Lernin'

Bought myself a new book this week.
Going to be working myself thru Programming in Objective-C 2.0.
I have the ebook and a whole pile of videos loaded onto my iPad and am going to work my hardest to push through the book and finally learn something.

I've worked a bit with PHP and DOS batch files, and SQL, but I've never touched something that wasnt a scripting language.
I'm really trying to wrap my mind around objects, and if they work the way I think they do, I should be good.

Did I mention I'm a Sci-Fi fan?

Anybody else watch Stargate Universe?  Didn't think so.  I swear I'm just about the only person that watches that show.  I seriously liked it and am pissed that its canceled after this season.  I liked the characters.  I enjoyed the plot.  I liked the added drama and how dark it seemed compared to SG1.  Don't get me wrong, I loved SG1, but it almost turned slapstick at times.

But at least Firefly is on TV again!  I think its on the Science Channel?  I was flipping through last night and found it, awesome show with so much potential, too bad its gone.


  1. Damn! You just reminded me that I keep forgetting to Tivo/watch Firefly.

  2. Well, objc is not simple. Trust me. I learned Java at school and I still had a hard time mapping everything I learned to objc. But it is definitely not impossible. Some concepts are really neat and make development quite fun. Just keep at it. I quit my first time around cause I was frustrated.

  3. Haha I definitely don't watch it, nor do I know anyone who does, so I think you're right about Stargate.

  4. I have some problem with objects, I'm more of an event man

  5. watching TV will always be one of my top things to do when I have nothing to do