Sunday, March 13, 2011

How much worse can it get?

I'm almost afraid to look at the news anymore.
Every time I do, its just more horror coming in from Japan.
Tens of thousands now missing, entire towns gone.
A nuclear plant possibly melting down, its all just so sad.
As much as it saddens me to see, I am refusing to turn away.
The only thing I can think of that would be worse than experiencing this tragedy would be to experience it and have no one notice.


  1. The world isn't ending.. but i had like a buddist moment where i felt enlightened.. i felt scared of death.. death now scares me while i used to be arrogant about it.

    Btw, have you seen the videos, the water which doesn't look to bad, literally is ripping houses off their foundations :O

  2. Dude, I tell ya. I just called my japanese friend to see if he was allright.
    And he just said "For the last time, I am Korean and I live in Ontario"

    That was just to cheer everybody up. But still, help out those ppl really affected by this desaster. You never know when we might need this kinda help, too.

  3. Replicas, that's the worst it can get

  4. yup its scary the stuff going on around the world

  5. Japan is too awesome, it will think of something!

  6. The human brain has problems processing large numbers and things don't change here...we just can't really fully realise the scale of devastation summed up in a handful of clips shown on the news.

  7. Japan just can't catch a break

  8. Yeah it really is terrible man. Followed!

  9. Buddah once said it best. Suffering is a part of life, it is inevitable. You must realize this and accept it.
    The Nostalgia Corner.